Co-working Office Furniture Solutions

Laminate Top Work Station

We have a comprehensive range of work stations to fit out your office space.


Kross breaks the traditional office furniture style, adding new inspiration for the office. With metal, wood and glass elements, and paired with home furniture design, Kross embarked on the road to cross-boundary design, bringing warmth and comfort to the office space.

  • Combination of diversified materials (fusion of metal, wood, glass, plastic);
  • Geometric hollow aluminum-alloy legs, the variety of lines gives you a visual feast from all angles;
  • The edges are artfully beveled to add more gradations and make the product look more stereoscopic;
  • Product family + minimalist design style.
  • High-end office chair series with diversified configurations and comfortable sitting feeling;
  • Galvanized aluminum alloy back frame, luxurious and superb;
  • Quality Wintex brand double mesh imported from South Korea, comfortable and durable;

Linz II

Linz Ⅱ Modern Executive Office Desk stands out for the modern style with exquisite workmanship. Concise and dynamic lines elaborate an efficient office atmosphere. Linz Ⅱ inherits the modern style of Linz, adds more configurations, and optimizes the specifications, offering a more efficient workspace for you. With quite a complete configuration for staff, supervisors, meeting and reception areas, Linz Ⅱ provides the whole set for your office.

Modern and concise design style caters to the aesthetic taste of modern people;

Complete configurations provide complete and perfect space solutions;

Exquisite workmanship expresses in every detail; Linz Ⅱseries has 45-degree beveled edge design and matte steel frame, simple yet beautiful;



Inspired by the word’s most beautiful cable-stayed bridge–Erasmus, Spark is designed to meet the needs of young elites in all dimensions. Concise, modern, functional and well-structured, Spark, the office furniture of new era, is here to make your office sparkle.

A Family Of Full Range Of Products;

  • Geometrical inclined steel legs, light and powerful
  • Combination of multiple materials, classic and beautiful.


The design inspiration is captured from ballet, thus the combination between the western art and oriental philosophy comes into being– I-Varna&Varna. Varna pulls together high-end grey calmness and mocha elegance with aluminum alloy foothold. I-Varna extends Varna’s design elements, and adopts the mild light color and melamine to embrace more challenges with a younger posture.


  • Inspired by the elegant ballet gesture, I-Varna&Varna adopts pure color and simple lines to form the unique shape featuring both softness and strength;

  • Various materials are used in I-Varna&Varna series, such as metal, tempered glass, felt, paint, etc., an expression of the fashion of mix-and-match;

  • Fast installation structure makes the assembly much easier;

  • With advanced 3D laser edge banding technique, I-Varna&Varna showcases the effortless beauty;